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SBS is the French inventor of acoustic pods. We place innovation at the heart of our strategy. Since 2014, we have introduced innovative concepts in markets such as France, Canada, and United States to provide our users with ever greater comfort.

cabine acoustique sbs aménagement des bureaux
cabine acoustique sbs


We offer many services to support our offers of customized acoustic spaces, such as the 3D visualization of your project by our design office, the loan of wood and fabric samples, and many payment terms.


We offer thousands of combinations of material and fabric choices, to create a unique acoustic space that suits you. With our expert insight, our purpose is to best position your acoustic spaces and optimize your future installations.

cabine acoustique sbs
Cabine acoustique Seat Box Khara


SBS unique savoir-faire is based on many years of R&D in acoustics. SBS pods are made of the highest quality of materials and comparatively have the least amount ambient noise when compared to our competitors. We work with one suppliers in the furniture market: Camira & Polyrey, which ensures the best possible quality and service. We are considered to be the top in our industry within the United States and larger industry. SBS pods are #1 in USA.


Even if the warranty period has expired, our after-sales service teams continue to work with our customers to ensure that the use of our pods is always optimal. We provide services such as a 3D visualization of your project, loan of wood and fabric samples, delivery and installation, and many methods of payment

Cabine acoustique Seat Box Khara