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Our vision of the market

SBS has designed pods to facilitate exchanges between the private and professional sphere.

Today, it is no longer just a question of well-being at work or Flex Office, a profound change is taking place.
The balance of life times has become a crucial element
of motivation and efficiency. Flexibility, mobility, agility, balance, health, management by results are no longer innovative and fun tools reserved for start-ups, they are becoming the norm and the daily life of our employees.

As a result, everything has to be rethought: we have to adopt a decompartmentalized and more efficient way of thinking about processes, spaces, organizations, learning, work, and the boundaries between private and professional spheres. Our pods fit into this new landscape and become a reliable and efficient tool for daily exchanges.

Our mission: to facilitate life balance

We develop Pods to create bridges, facilitate sustainable interconnections between the private and professional sphere and thus allow users to optimize at any time, these permanent exchanges which structurally allows to pass from one to the other in a simple and fluid way, without rupture. All our products aim to respond to the increasing mobility by multiplying the places of use as well as the modes of use in the work spaces

And that's just the beginning...

  • This is the story of Sophie who goes to her pod in her co-working to call her Nanny and check that everything is fine at home discreetly
  • This is the story of Jean who joins his loved ones on vacation and takes advantage of the announced two-hour delay to make a call in a pod office in the station (or tomorrow in the street) to free up his family evening.
  • This is the story of Raphael, a football player who can recover between two training sessions in the “dream box” pod which not only allows him to take restorative micro-naps but also to enjoy aromatherapy and chromotherapy.
  • This is the story tomorrow of Martine who will go to the 2nd floor of her tower at La Défense for a medical check in the telemedicine pod at her disposal because she feels feverish and does not want to waste the next morning doing the queue at his doctor…

Our founders

Laurent George

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Michael Cleva

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