What are efficient solutions against noise in open space ?

What are the efficient solutions against noise in open space?



Ringtones, chatters, printers, air conditioning, construction works nearby … so many noise pollution suffered by employees working in an open space.

When it is not controlled by suitable acoustic solutions, noise in open spaces therefore results in a very unpleasant working environment. This is an important element to take into account when fitting out offices. Even if open space facilitates exchanges and collaboration between teams, it generates various problems in terms of quality of life at work, confidentiality and productivity of companies.

Many studies show that a working environment is considered calm when it does not exceed 55 decibels, beyond this limit there is a strong acoustic discomfort and increases the health risks. The WHO also recommends working in an environment between 30 and 35 decibels, the noise in a library … And yet, in the majority of open spaces, the recorded noise oscillates between 60 and 65 decibels !



What is the impact of noise on employees?


Therefore, noise has an impact on health: increase of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stress, overwork … but also on work efficiency.

In an open space, the brain is interrupted on average every 11 minutes and then takes 23 minutes to re-focus. This results in a loss of business productivity.

Almost 6 in 10 employees say they are bothered by auditory fatigue at work.

The stress and discomfort caused by noise encourage employees to change position and work space regularly, which means that noise affects not only the health, but also the ergonomics of open spaces.

In terms of loss of turnover, the cost of these annoyances amounts to € 4,080 on average for companies each year (drop in productivity, sick leave…), an argument which should lead them to review the arrangement of their working environment.

So how can you protect yourself from noise in open space?


Create a healthy acoustic environment suitable for the workplace


Open spaces are not only spaces reserved for work, they are real living spaces. It is essential to delimit spaces according to the activities of the company and the needs of employees, in order to create a healthy environment suitable for all. To do this, simply:

  • move noisy devices (printer, coffee machine, etc.) away from work spaces,
  • group employees by activity,
  • dedicate a space for concentration, one for interaction and collaboration (meeting room, soundproof spaces …), and finally one for relaxation. 


These spaces are essential to the proper balance of the company, which is why the new layout will have to reconcile the individual and collective needs of the employees.


cabine acoustique sbs aménagement des bureaux

Another element to take into account is to adapt the layout to the space and the number of employees, while respecting the minimum surface area imposed by the labor code, i.e. 10 m2 per person.

Create modular, flexible and dynamic spaces.


After the decompartmentalization of offices, the trend is now towards modular spaces. This consists of reorganizing an already existing working environment thanks to space-saving functional furniture. This flexible and dynamic planning method allows the company to adapt the space as it evolves.

Install acoustic and soundproof spaces.


The use of soundproofing solutions is also recommended. Acoustic booths, for example, allow employees to isolate themselves during occasional tasks: brainstorming, processing a file requiring great concentration … Employees have the possibility of choosing their workspace according to their needs. These solutions also respond to a problem specific to open space, that of the confidentiality of telephone conversations.

Making a phone call in optimal conditions, without fear of disturbing colleagues, and keeping your conversation private, has become possible thanks to the acoustic booths.

For more than 5 years, at SBS, we have been working on the quality of our spaces to offer today the best acoustic performance on the market, up to -45 dB. This advantage allows us today to be one of the leaders in the sector. Our customers are seduced by our spaces because in addition to being very efficient, they are convenient, design and easy to use.


cabine acoustique Quatro Khara SBS

Our office pods respond to several problems, in particular:

  • the need to isolate yourself to make a call and concentrate in a quiet space, in the best conditions: comfort, light, ventilation and connectors,
  • the need to meet easily face to face to be able to exchange and collaborate in an ergonomic and pleasant space without disturbing colleagues.

To answer to these issues, we offer 2 types of office pods : individual booth such as Stand Up, Seat Box and Uno, and collaborative soundproof spaces such as Duo, Quatro, Sixo and Mobility.

Noise is an essential criterion to take into account in order to preserve the well-being and health of employees working in open space. Their productivity is then encouraged, improving the company’s profitability. Many solutions are now available to optimize the acoustic environment, as is the case with our office pods.


The Stand Up – 1 person

The Stand Up is the ideal solution to isolate yourself standing up for the duration of a telephone call without disturbing your colleagues. Optimized on the floor, very acoustic, ventilated, fresh air renewed, and mobile, this space has been specially designed to offer the best conditions of well-being at work. Equipped with a tablet and a blackboard for your notes, you can make your phone calls in complete confidentiality.

The Seat Box – 1 person

The Seat Box promotes disconnection from open space, and improves concentration, confidentiality and well-being at work. The Seat Box, optimized on the floor, very acoustic, ventilated, fresh air renewed, and mobile, this acoustic space has been specially designed to offer the best conditions of well-being at work. Equipped with a comfortable seat, a tablet, all the necessary connectors, a screen (optional), the Seat Box allows you to isolate yourself for better concentration, ensuring complete confidentiality of your conversations.

Seat Box SBS

The Uno – 1 person

Connected, comfortable and ventilated, fresh air renewed, the Uno is perfect for working alone in complete tranquility and confidentiality. The Uno invites you to disconnect from open work environments such as often noisy open spaces. Equipped with a seat, a tablet, all necessary connectors, you can easily move this acoustic cabin thanks to the integrated wheels.


The Duo, Quatro and Sixo – from 2 to 6 people

With excellent sound insulation, the Duo, Quatro and Sixo allow you to isolate yourself in a comfortable space for effective meetings or shared moments of relaxation, ideal for informal meetings without your conversations being heard from outside. Fully equipped, mobile, fresh air renewed, these collaborative spaces are perfect for improving collaboration between teams.Duo Procyon SBS cabine acoustique

Mobility & Mobility XL – up to 8 people

The Mobility has been specially adapted to be accessible to a wheelchair thanks to an integrated access ramp (RMC access), with the possibility of standing inside, up to 8 people for the Mobility XL. Highly acoustic, equipped with connectics, ventilated, fresh air renewed, these acoustic spaces has been specially designed to offer the best conditions of well-being at work. 

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