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The Dream Box, a micro-nap space, to effectively fight the side effects of cancer treatments.


For more than two years, we have been offering our micro-nap space, the Dream Box, to many companies that welcome our innovative concept very positively. Already installed in large companies, like L’Oréal or OVH, the Dream Box, allows to improve :

  • productivity,
  • creativity,
  • and concentration, thanks to a 16-minute nap program.


As a specialist in well-being at work, it seemed obvious to us to offer our power-napping space to all types of professional sectors including health sectors. Indeed, the problems of lack of sleep and fatigue are found in patients and also in caregivers.



Working with doctors and sophrologists, we have found that fatigue is the primary side effect of medical treatment, experienced by up to 90% of patients in cancer treatments. This is why the Cancer Foundation recommends that patients rest while taking a nap. The duration of this nap should not be too long, 10 to 20 minutes so as not to disturb the sleep cycle.

Taking a nap every day would also:

  • fight pain,
  • moroseness,
  • immune weakness,
  • stress,
  • hypertension,
  • overweight, etc…



It is therefore quite natural that we have provided the Dream Box to the Rafaël Institute, an integrative medicine center specializing in cancerology, in order to benefit patients in the treatment phase, but also doctors and nurses.

Comfortably installed in this space thanks to :

  • the ergonomic mattress,
  • in a private and ventilated atmosphere, the users can then take advantage of this moment of relaxation thanks to
  • the sophrology and chromotherapy program.


The Dream Box, a real power-napping space,

is also participating supporting patients by enabling them

to live better their illness and to cure faster.


Dream Box SBS

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